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Signal‧Flow 2.0 , 2011

Title: SignalFlow 2.0
Form: Sound installation
Length: Loop
Media: Mix media
Year: 2011

“Signal.Flow”2.0 is an installation made with a combination of sound, light and visuals. Its 104 speakers and 104 incandescent light bulbs form a two dimensional matrix that creates a three-dimensional streamline body that is dispersed through the space. Each unit of installation is composed of one speaker and a light bulb. 


relativity +/- RAW , 2011

Title: relativity +/- RAW
Form: Sound installation
Year: 2011
Length: 17 minutes loop
Media: Stainless steel, iron, cardioid microphone, electric heater, computer

During the residency period in Tokyo, Chang Yung-Ta noticed that aluminum windows created a minute sounds due to its shrinking and expanding in winter. When these shrinking and expanding happen because of the subtle temperature change, our skin is a great detector of the difference but it is unable to differentiate precise and subtle changesit can only be compared to one another.

YPhenomenon-Quadraphonic ver.2 , 2011

Title: YPhenomenon-Quadraphonic ver.2
Form: Sound video installation
Length: 8'38” loop
Media: Computer, speaker, computer generated images
Year: 2011

“Granulated sounds, sometimes concentrated, sometimes diffused spread through the space. Grainy images accompany and collide with the sounds, moving through your body.”
- Chang Yung-Ta

relativity +/- , 2011

relativity +/- from Yung-Ta CHANG on Vimeo.

Title: relativity +/-
Media: stainless steel, iron, cardioid microphone, electronic heating device, computer
Year: 2011

The subtle change in our daily life is not easy to be noticed. Maybe it might be, but it’s hard to figure out the actual value or the quantification absolutely.