relativity +/- , 2011

relativity +/- from Yung-Ta CHANG on Vimeo.

Title: relativity +/-
Media: stainless steel, iron, cardioid microphone, electronic heating device, computer
Year: 2011

The subtle change in our daily life is not easy to be noticed. Maybe it might be, but it’s hard to figure out the actual value or the quantification absolutely. I noticed slightly crack sound generated by the aluminum window frame during the residence in Tokyo, which caused by the expansion and contraction when the temperature changing in winter. It happened when the temperature changing slightly, although our skin can feel the different of the temperature, but can’t figure out the precision value of changing. For the human body, the subtle change is a kind of relatively feeling.

By heating and cooling the customized device which having a special designed structure inside, make it expands and contracts like breathing. It seems nothing happen outside but there is very detail and interesting sound inside it, and then crack quietly.