Signal‧Flow 2.0 , 2011

Title: SignalFlow 2.0
Form: Sound installation
Length: Loop
Media: Mix media
Year: 2011

“Signal.Flow”2.0 is an installation made with a combination of sound, light and visuals. Its 104 speakers and 104 incandescent light bulbs form a two dimensional matrix that creates a three-dimensional streamline body that is dispersed through the space. Each unit of installation is composed of one speaker and a light bulb. The control of the unit is synchronized so that the brightness of the bulb alters the volume of the speaker—the brighter the bulb is, the louder the speaker is. The content of sound is generated from program's real-time computing. Through operating system monitors hard disk access' status and inner temperature, computer produces continuous variables, values, and data. A customized computer program produces noise or biological sounds and converts the computer's internal signal into sound and light. Through this program, 104 light bulbs and 104 speakers can be independently controlled. With this control and the flow in space, sound and light is organically dispersed, sometimes creating an illusion of three-dimensional images, sometimes creating glowing objects with sound and life. In this installation, the viewer can experience sound flowing and altering in three dimensional space, as well as visuals that are synchronized with the sound.