Funky Light - the 4th Taipei Digital Art Festival opening performance

Funky Light - the 4th Taipei Digital Art Festival opening performance from Chang,Yung-Ta on Vimeo.

Title: Funky Light
Artists:Guo-Song Liu, Yi Huang, Yung-Ta Chang, Chung-Han Yao, Ting-Hao Yeh.
Year:2009 Venue:Taipei Red House.


“Funky Light”, the 4th Digital Art Festival of Taipei was held at the Red House in Xi Men Ding. This digital art performance opened an new door for digital art in 2009. The festival was launched by Mr. Zhang Yuan-Xi, CEO of Asia Cultural Council, Mr. Huang Wen-Hao and, Mr. Zhang Ci-Fu, CEO and Art Director of Taipei Digital Art Center respectively. It has now become a highly anticipated performance of famous Taipei artists Liu Guo-Song, Chang Yung-Ta, Huang Yi, Yao Zhong-Han and Ye Ting-Hao. A performance that crossed 3 generations, containing modern elements and a fragmented vision. During the artistic creation process, the 4 artists were working in different locations, using their own interpretation and language to converse with one another. The creative journey was marvelous, it was as if they were each talking in their own language, the interaction of the 3 different generations created various parameters of change. Towards the end, the only thing that did not change was the determination of art and the anticipation to achieve the same goal. In the end, relationships arose, when both parties rubbed together, creating unpredictable sparks.

The opening performance of “Funky Light” is a journey through time, where violent, unpleasant, flowing sounds and visuals are used to astound audiences waiting to be taken for a ride. During the trip, visuals and music rapidly flicker past the audience,
slowing down momentarily to guide audiences through the time tunnel, from a noisy beginning to a quiet ending as if they were being removed from reality just like in a Science fiction film, traveling through time and space. Finally dancer Huang Yi will use his limbs to extend Liu Guo-Song’s revolutionary spirit, this performance is an act brought together by the interpretations of different generations towards digital art, fully symbolizing the vision of the 4th Taipei Digital Art Festival.

Photo by Summer.