Trembling - Symphony 2.0

Trembling - Symphony 2.0 from Chang,Yung-Ta on Vimeo.

Title: Trembling - Symphony 2.0
Form : Sound Installation

Artist : CHANG Yung-Ta
Year: 2009


We live in a world that everything has its standard, guide or rule. We're asked to be make things as perfect as possible. But we're not a machine, we'll make mistakes. Like symphony, the performer doing their best to perform perfectly, people can't tolerate the mistake or failure. I force it to make
some involuntary mistakes and make it sounds very funny. "Trembling - Symphony 2.0" represent the contradiction between human, machine, technology and the authority.

"Trembling - Symphony 2.0" is a sound installation that develop from "Trembling
- Symphony 1.0". The 2.0 version allows user to control each device via touch screen, just like a orchestra director. This work contains 3 customized cassette tape devices. The magnetic head can vibrate with a special customized machinery. By sending sine-wave to the copper coil, the magnetic head will vibrate. The amplitude depend on the frequency, more higher, more faster. User can change such as amplitude, strength or they can choose the auto-play mode that controlled by computer program automatically.