tranSonic 2009 - dat. (CHANG, YUNG-TA)

TranSonic 2009 - dat. (CHANG, YUNG-TA) from Chang,Yung-Ta on Vimeo.

Title: TranSonic 2009
Form: Audio-Visual Live Performance
Author: CHANG, Yung-Ta
Duration: 7:42
Year: 2009


This is a highlight version of my work @ TranSonic 2009, Taipei.

Artist: CHANG, YUNG-TA a.k.a dat.

"TranSonic Sound Art Festival" is the most experimental and creative sound art performance in Taiwan. This year, the theme of the festival is "Sound, Vision and Space". By projecting video images to deconstructed spaces, artists rebuild the relationship between visualization and space dimensions, trying to bring new experience in listening and imagination.

In addition to audio-visual performances, TranSonic 2009 also presents plenty of eye-opening trans-media performances, including hand-made instruments, body sensors, air compressor sound installations and electric light installations.