Rage of Rational

Title : Rage of Rational
Form: Audio-Visual

Author : Chang, Yung-Ta

Duration : 11 : 05

Years : 2006


Inside the background sound, I tend to make the atmosphere that from simply to complicated. To
show the contrary and afoul in my mind,
it seen to be explode, but it suddenly calm down in a minute. The rage of rational emotion combine the sinus and pulse sound to present the rational arrangement, to show the concussion slumberous. Actually, it’s originally a work that people should close eye when listening, to focus on the detail of the sound and try to imagination.
But I want to do a experiment, so I use the simply lines as visual
Element. Eccentrically, put the simply visual and plenty sound mix together, than cause contrary and afoul. When you feel a little unaccustomed, you get it! The contrary and afoul from this sound visual works is the issue and what I‘m interest in.

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