I didn’t make sound. I’m the sound. (Version1)

Title : I didn’t make sound. I’m the sound. (Version1) Exhibition at TNUA.

Form : Sound Installation

Author : CHANG, Yung-Ta

Years : 2007


This work’s initial idea was inspired from the German course. This is my first time feel that the language is so charming. Before this, I was focused on the electronic acoustics. The information changing fast and impact our sense. So I begin to try some analog medi
um. The tape was like a sentence, and the head was like the mouth to read this sentence. I refit the tape radio’s construction and change the tape and the head’s running method. I peg the tape on a orbit, and use step motor to move the head back and forth. I play a video that there is a man say something, and the video was mute. Then record the sentence (I didn’t make sound, I’m the sound.) into the tape that the man is saying. I setup 3 range of frequency to control the three different head’s movement, it looks like the sound equalizer. The head’s movement looks unhandy and the sound sounds funny that like a cartoon character. I’m trying to express my concept and the thinking of sound art.

Tech Spec:
• Computer x1 (4 USB port at least.)
• 8” full range speaker x3
• Tape and Head devices x3 (25cm x 100 cm x 15 cm each.)
• 1 Pfojector

• Mac OS X 10.4 or later
• MaxMSP 4.6 or later / Jitter 1.6 or later

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